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The Inground safety enclosure is the perfect option for providing extra protection for your children as they jump on their Inground Trampoline.  Easy to install, with premium quality parts including strong netting and easy access, the enclosure is a great additional safety accessory for your Inground trampoline.

  • Extra Safety and Protection
  • Made in Europe
  • Premium Quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Full height Zip Entry
  • 2 year Warranty



    The Inground safety enclosure is the perfect option for providing extra protection for your children as they jump on their Inground Trampoline.  Easy to install, with premium quality parts including strong netting and easy access, the enclosure is a great additional safety accessory for your Inground trampoline.







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    How much space around the in-ground trampoline should I allow?

    It is always recommended that there is space around a trampoline. This is to ensure that there are no hazards which could harm children jumping. 

    For an in-ground system, in particular, please allow 2 metres around the perimeter of the trampoline. As there is more of a tendency for children to run straight off (if there is no enclosure) an in-ground trampoline, you should ideally make sure there are no hazards, such as low height brick walls or concrete fence posts nearby. You can always put protective cladding over any potential hazards for added safety.


    Can I use a safety net with an in-ground trampoline?

    Our in-ground trampolines have been designed to make it easy to use both with, and without, a safety net. The enclosure poles are designed to match directly into the top of the frame, with a top rod and high quality net that provides you with added security, if you wish.

    The enclosure system is an optional extra, which can be purchased, and is easy to assemble and remove. If you have younger children, we recommend that you use the safety net enclosure to ensure a safe and enjoyable jumping experience.


    What are the benefits of an in-ground trampoline?

    Our in-ground trampolines are fun and functional, and a great investment for those who love to jump all year round.

    • In-ground trampolines are generally safer than normal trampolines because they're flush-to-the-ground, not raised above the ground and accessed by a ladder. Parents have peace of mind when they let their kids loose on an in-ground trampoline as there's no worrying about young children falling off the ladder or remembering to zip themselves in.
    • Better-looking. They're not as unsightly as traditional trampolines, which can be an eye-sore in a garden.  They fit flush and neatly in the garden.
    • More freedom to play, more fun. Kids can run on and off the trampoline at will and play many more creative games. There's no net or platform to interfere with their enjoyment. Parents need not supervise as much, as issues of 'getting on' and 'getting off' the trampoline are removed.
    • No fear of being enclosed. Young children sometimes get frightened being zipped inside a net away from their mum or dad. An in-ground allows parents and children to interact more - mum and dad can stay in close contact.
    • Better bounce. The trampoline frame is buried firmly in the ground allowing no movement of the frame. On a traditional trampoline energy can be dissipated as the frame moves a little when you bounce. This does not occur on an in-ground trampoline resulting in a better bounce.
    • Quieter. In-grounds are less noisy because the frame (which can squeak) is buried underground and the retaining wall keeps the frame very rigid. Trapped air escapes silently through the pads.
    • Lower maintenance cost. In-ground trampolines cost less to maintain, if you do not have a net, which is, generally, the most frequently required and costly replacement part.
    • Less damage risk. In-ground trampolines eliminate the possibility of damage occurring because your trampoline cannot be blown away in high winds.
    • Parents love it too! Climbing up a small ladder and through a small zip can be somewhat off-putting for an adult. It's much easier to just walk onto the trampoline. You'll love it!


    What is your warranty policy?

    At Oz Trampolines, our products are made to the highest quality and standards, and to ensure that customers are completely satisfied, our products are covered by generous warranties, which vary by product and begin from the original purchase date of the product.

    Our Warranty covers;

    • manufacturing issues
    • damaged parts upon receipt of goods

    If a warranty issue does arise, please contact us immediately via phone on 1300 393 004 or email us with a description and images to


    When will my item be dispatched for delivery?

    All orders received by midday Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day. 

    Orders placed after midday, or on weekends, will be dispatched the following business day.



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