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OzTrampolines favourite.
Rated by parents as Australia’s best trampoline!


Oz Trampolines Summit Round reviews

    Rated by parents as Australia’s best trampoline!

    OzTrampolines’ Summit round trampoline provides superior bounce and extreme durability in the harsh Australian climate.

    Easy to put together. Amazing value for lasting fun, now and well into the future. 



      Save up to $395 or 30%*

      *Saving based on RRP of products and the average delivery cost of a 16ft Summit Trampoline.

      Order by noon and we will have it dispatched by 3pm that day (Mon-Fri) and in most cases, if you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide it will be there the next day.
      As you don't want your trampoline visiting your neighbour's yard.
      Because that would be like buying a bike without handlebar.
      Children's trampoline safety book.

      Strong frame. Strong Trampoline.

      Oz Trampolines use a super strong carbon steel frame, double zinc coated and galvanised to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

      Each section is assembled with resilient metal T-joiners. The result is an extra sturdy frame that will support a true 200kg weight capacity now, and well into the future.


      UV TESTED for 5000 hours in the Australian sun.


      Not all trampolines stand up to Australia's blazing sun and moisture extremes. Oz Trampolines are specially built to ensure they last in the uniquely harsh Oz climate.


      Unlike other companies, who only have top and bottom connection points, we know that kids will be kids and slam into the net. Therefore, we ensure it will last by triple stitching the net from top to bottom onto our heavily padded pole sleeves.


      UV treated netting that is soft on your skin but lasts out in the sun.


      Overlapping tunnel entrance, as zips do not last outdoors in the Australian climate.


      A top ring to stop the net sagging and to keep your trampoline looking like it is still brand new, even years later.



      Our Pads are like a gymnastics mat as we use 550gsm PVC top and bottom.


      Adjustable and replaceable elastic bungee cords to ensure no pad slap. With added drainage holes to let the water escape.

      A better bounce from springs.

      Aspiring gymnasts and Olympians prefer springs because there’s really no either way to get the ultimate bounce. Oz Trampolines uses a thick steel gauge and a wider diameter high-grade galvanised spring to deliver the best bounce.

      Choose our European spring upgrade to experience the best bounce in Australia.

      UV TESTED for 5000 hours in the Australian sun.

      Not all trampolines stand up to Australia's blazing sun and moisture extremes. Oz Trampolines are specially built to ensure they last in the uniquely harsh Oz climate.


      Oz Trampolines are generally 30% to 50% cheaper than comparable trampolines available in Australia due to our direct-to-consumer business model.

      Oz Trampolines come directly for the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and passing on the savings to you - the happy customer.



      Oz Trampolines are designed to provide your family with many years of fun and making memories. You can rest assured your Oz Trampolines will provide you great value now, and long into the future.


      Sturdy, no weld frames constructed from high-tensile galvanised carbon steel - corrosion proof for maximum durability.

      Effective and very safe overlapping enclosure system that is zipper free for longevity.

      UV, water and tear resistant heavy duty high density safety padding covered by a 2 year warranty.

      Maximum bounce thanks to an exclusive, durable polyethylene mat design that incorporates a tightly woven weave pattern that's triple stitched with high-tensile, galvanised steel springs.

      Safety is our top priority - Our 12 foot trampoline comes with very dense padding that completely covers both the high-performance springs and the robust frame for complete peace of mind.

      Frame Size 12ft, 366cms
      Mat Size 330cms
      Frame Height 86cms
      Number of U Shaped Legs  4
      Spring Quantity 165mm x72
      Safety Padding Outer
      550 gram UV Treated and water resistant PVC upper and bottom.

      Stitched in wide Elastic Ties to secure to trampoline 

      Safety Padding Inner 25mm Closed Cell EPE water and mildew resistant foam
      Weight Capacity 200kgs combined weight capacity. 130kg single user
      Number of Poles 8
      Height of Poles from Ground 251cms
      Safety Net Knitted UV Treated PVC with PVC sleeving

      Pole Padding x 8 *Please note all pole padding provided is coloured blue, it will not be visible when net is assembled.

      Ladder Powder Coated, 3 Step ladder
      Anchor Kit Set of 2, Galvanised Steel
      Net Pocket
      PVC netting with accessory pocket
      Install Time  Allow 90 minutes 

      12ft Trampoline Warranty Details*:

      • 5 Year Frame Warranty
      • 2 Year Mat Warranty
      • 2 Year Safety Pads Warranty
      • 2 Year Net Warranty
      • 2 Year Parts Warranty

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      Pickup Options Mon-Fri 9am-4pm or by Appointment

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      Delivery Zone Map

      Oz Trampolines offers free delivery* on all of your trampolines and replacement parts, using our reliable courier partner Direct Freight Express.

      All orders placed by midday, on a business day, will be shipped the same day, provided your item is in stock.

      Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking email with information regarding your delivery and the ability to track your delivery at

      Direct Freight couriers are advised to leave items in a safe place, if there is no-one available, as a signature is not required. If the courier does not deem the property safe, they will leave a card for the arrangement of collection.

      Please also note delivery is door to door, couriers are not required to assemble goods.

      Delivery Times

      Please note that delivery times on your Oz Trampolines orders will vary, depending on the shipping destination.

      Please refer to the map below for average delivery times.

      For an accurate delivery estimation, please visit and select from origin -3219 Breakwater, and to your postcode.

      *Free Delivery Terms and Conditions

      Oz Trampolines offers free delivery to over 95% of the Australian population. We are unable to offer delivery to any island apart from Tasmania. Free delivery is also unavailable to the following postcodes.

      0822, 0828-0839, 0841, 0846, 0847, 0850-0854, 0880, 0881, 0885
      2350, 2464, 2469, 2476-2478, 2878, 2879, 2898, 2899, 3537
      4025, 4370, 4507, 4581, 4626, 4730, 4736, 4737, 4743, 4757, 4803, 4807, 4816, 4825, 4828-4830, 4871, 4874, 4875, 4876, 4890-4892, 4895
      5204, 5220-5223, 5374, 5601, 5690, 6161, 6225, 6508, 6701, 6711, 6712, 6731, 6733, 6740, 6743, 6770, 6798, 6799
      7150, 7255-7257

      In these cases, we are happy to ship for free to your nearest capital city and then further freight charges are at the customer's direction and expense.

      In order to keep our competitive pricing, we also need to share the cost of trampoline deliveries with the customer in some parts of Rural NSW, QLD, WA and NT.

      Rural NSW: 2469, 2473, 2474, 2476, 2480, 2484, 2836, 2839, 2880

      Rural Queensland: 4370, 4405, 4406, 4408, 4410, 4417, 4420-4421, 4425, 4427, 4428, 4455, 4470, 4480-4482, 4486, 4487, 4490, 4492, 4565, 4581, 4620, 4650, 4660, 4670, 4671, 4678, 4680, 4701-4702, 4709, 4711, 4717, 4724-4725, 4731, 4740, 4744, 4807, 4815, 4818, 4822-4825, 4829, 4850, 4852, 4854, 4856, 4860, 4869-4871, 4873, 4877, 4879, 4881, 4883, 4884-4885, 4895

      Rural WA: 6038, 6208, 6210, 6215, 6230, 6233, 6258, 6262, 6280-6282, 6284, 6285, 6288, 6315, 6317, 6321, 6326, 6330, 6333, 6369, 6375, 6395, 6415, 6429-6452, 6479, 6509-6510, 6514, 6530, 6532, 6535-6537, 6603, 6606, 6635-6728, 6751-6765

      NT: 0861-0863, 0872

      TAS: 7330-7331

      Shared delivery charges differ for each product, when applicable, the cost will be displayed once you confirm your address details at checkout.

      Please also note in the case of customer error and exchange, freight charges at the expense of the customer apply.

      What does a Summit Trampoline package include?

      An Oz Trampolines Summit Trampoline is the perfect package to get started on your very own trampoline. 

      Our Summit trampoline includes:

      • Trampoline Base Frame with Printed Mat Design
      • Trampoline Safety Net and Poles
      • Pole padding, clamps and brackets
      • Trampoline Safety Padding
      • Trampoline Safety Pocket 
      • Powder Coated Trampoline Ladder
      • Anchor Kit

      The Summit Trampoline is available in a variety of sizes and colours.


      Do you have layby?

      Oz Trampolines offers the convenience of layby as an ordering option for customers.

      Layby orders are placed with Oz Trampolines via our website and customers are required to leave a 10% deposit upon placing a layby order.

      Layby orders are deemed accepted by Oz Trampolines upon receipt of payment for the deposit. If a deposit payment is not made, layby orders will be automatically cancelled within 7 calendar days.

      Layby payments can be made over the phone, or online, through Oz Trampolines "Manage your layby system".

      Laybys placed with Oz Trampolines require finalisation within 12 months from the date of deposit.


      What is your company's philosophy?

      At Oz Trampolines, our company's philosophy is simple. "To provide customers with superior quality trampolines and trampoline parts that are built to last".

      We pride ourselves on great customer service, and ensuring that your experience with us is positive and  enjoyable.


      What is your warranty policy?

      At Oz Trampolines, our products are made to the highest quality and standards, and to ensure that customers are completely satisfied, our products are covered by generous warranties, which vary by product and begin from the original purchase date of the product.

      Our Warranty covers;

      • manufacturing issues
      • damaged parts upon receipt of goods

      If a warranty issue does arise, please contact us immediately via phone on 1300 393 004 or email us with a description and images to


      What size trampoline should I buy?

      Oz Trampolines offers a wide range of different sized trampolines.

      We recommend taking the following points into consideration when choosing a trampoline:

      • Size of your yard and space available
      • Age of children
      • Average amount of jumpers

      As a general rule, we recommend purchasing the largest trampoline that your space and budget will allow. This will ensure that as your children grow, they can still get optimal use from their Oz Trampoline.


      When will my item be dispatched for delivery?

      All orders received by midday Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day. 

      Orders placed after midday, or on weekends, will be dispatched the following business day.


      How long does installation take?

      The average Oz Trampoline takes 90 minutes to install.

      Please refer to your instruction manual, or the videos in our support section, for guidance. Or feel free to call us on 1300 393 004, if you require assistance. 


      Do you offer installation?

      We offer trampoline installation in most areas in Australia.

      Please contact us on 1300 393 004 to enquire about this service.


      Why do your trampolines have a higher weight capacity?

      Our Oz Trampolines have some of the highest weight capacities on the market.

      Due to the superior quality parts we use, we are able to offer a greater weight capacity so your children can still enjoy their trampoline as they grow. Our trampolines have been independently tested and are UV certified to withstand the documented weight capacities.


      What is your bounce like?

      Oz Trampolines have been voted, by you, as Australia's Best Trampoline and we use quality parts for optimal bounce.

      Our trampolines have all round bounce which means that a young child will be able to create enough bounce to jump and do basic tricks, and as they get older and heavier they will be able to create more bounce, which means they will be able to perform more skilled tricks.


      How much space do I need around the trampoline?

      To ensure your trampoline is used safely and securely a minimum of 50cms on all sides of the trampoline is required. For example a 10ft trampoline measuring 305cms wide, requires a minimum of 405cms of space.


      Why are your nets on the outside of the frame?

      Our nets are on the outside of the frame for a few reasons:

      • By having our nets on the outside of the frame, we have created a stronger net that lasts longer because it allows the net to be sewn to the sleeves.
      • Having a net outside of the frame creates a larger jumping area.
      • Having a net outside of the frame stops people standing around the outside, potentially falling off or getting their fingers pinched in the springs etc.
      • The pads over the springs protect a person if they mistime a bounce.


      How can I prolong the life of my trampoline?

      Oz Trampolines are made from the highest quality parts but taking extra care will help prolong the life of these parts and the trampoline. We recommend regular cleaning of the pads and mat, ensuring they are free of debris, and that any excess dirt or moisture is wiped free.

      Do not jump on the trampoline mat with shoes on to ensure damage to the mat is minimised.

      Take note to follow the weight jumping capacity, to ensure springs are kept in optimum condition.

      To protect mats and pads, utilise the weather cover by placing it over the trampoline, particularly in extreme weather conditions.


      What is the printed mat?

      The Oz Trampolines printed mat is a fun alternative to our plain version. The printed mat features a shapes, colors and numbers print and encourages learning, fun and imaginative play.



      Our range of Summit Trampolines have been designed in Geelong, Australia.  We have control over every aspect of the trampoline so that we can ensure they not only meet, but exceed the current Australian Standard AS 4989:2015

      We believe that a trampoline needs to be safe not only on day one, but in many years time and we have designed our Summit trampolines for Australian conditions.

      Please note: This standard is voluntary and not all other brands of trampolines may meet the standard.

      12ft trampoline

      Ready to kickstart your mornings outdoors? Why not consider installing a 12-foot trampoline? Install a trampoline in your backyard or garden and you have got yourself a personalised play area.

      OZ Trampolines brings a 12ft trampoline range in Australia. You and your family can get fresh air and get some exercise jumping on the trampoline. It offers a unique way of exercising while having some fun with friends and family. It is easy to set up and provides you with a safe and bigger bounce.

      OZ Trampolines have designed and built a selection of 12ft trampolines made of premium materials including twice galvanised steel and safety enclosures. If you need a trampoline that provides the ultimate protection and safety, we recommend choosing from our 12ft trampoline range. The steel frame is built for long-lasting use and adds to the strength as well as safety of the model.

      Shop for our 12ft trampoline in Australia and get peace of mind knowing you and your family will get a long-term product. They are perfectly suitable for both compact and large backyards.


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