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Buying parts for your trampoline can be a frustrating process so we have put together this guide to help you when looking to purchase a trampoline mat.

Firstly do you know who you purchased the trampoline from?

If you know the brand of the trampoline e.g. Oz Trampolines or Action it is always best when buying a trampoline mat to go back to the original company. The mat needs to fit correctly to ensure you get the right bounce on the trampoline. Trampolines sizes do vary from one company to another as a 14ft trampoline frame will not be 14ft exactly.

Step 1

Measure the frame of your trampoline from one side, through the middle to the other side.

If you measured in cms convert it to feet. If the mat is not on the trampoline the frame may measure larger than when it is on. Trampoline mats are sold by the frame size not the mat size so if you have a 14ft trampoline frame you need a 14ft trampoline mat.

Step 2

Count how many springs your frame takes.

Spring Length: Where difficulty can occur is with the spring length. Different companies use different spring lengths, add this to the fact that each company's frame sizes are not all the same. As the mat needs to be tight so it creates a bounce even out by 2cms can create issues.

How to measure your trampoline for a new Mat.

1. Measure from the outside frame to the outside frame.

2. Count up the number of Springs the frame uses.


Take measurement from the outer edge of the frame.

Now you have this information you can look at our chart below to see where these mats can be purchased.

Please note - If you can't remember who you purchased the trampoline from or the company no longer sells the part we cannot 100% guarantee that the mat will fit.

This guide is meant to help take the hassle out of finding a mat but we cannot be held responsible if the mat you purchase doesn't fit correctly. We also recommend you look at each company's returns policies before purchasing any trampoline part.

With trampoline mats it can be a case of needing to try the mat on your trampoline before you will know if it works due to the need of a perfect fit.


Trampoline Frame Size Spring Count Supplier
4.5ft 30 (08) 9358 5660
6ft 36 Oz Trampolines
6ft 42 (08) 9358 5660
8ft 48 Oz Trampolines
9ft 48 (08) 9358 5660
9ft 54 (08) 9358 5660
10ft 54 (08) 9358 5660
10ft 60 Oz Trampolines
10ft 64 Oz Trampolines
12ft 72 Oz Trampolines
12ft 80 Oz Trampolines
12ft 84 (08) 9358 5660
13ft 72 Oz Trampolines
14ft 72 (08) 9358 5660
14ft 80 1300 558 576
14ft 84 (03) 5292 1100
14ft 88 (08) 9358 5660
14ft 96 Oz Trampolines
15ft 96 (03) 5292 1100
15ft 108 1300 456 283
16ft 108 Oz Trampolines
16ft 120 Oz Trampolines


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